Low Cost Business Setup in Dubai

Low Cost Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai’s business panorama gives opportunities for entrepreneurs to set up their ventures without breaking the bank. Low-price commercial enterprise setup refers to the process of beginning a commercial enterprise in Dubai with minimum economic funding.

Low Cost Business Setup in Dubai

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Best Advantages of starting a business in Dubai

Running a business in Dubai opens up a world of opportunities. Dubai is home to over 200 nationalities, making it a melting pot of diversity, inclusion, and security.

The municipal infrastructure, the legal system, the public transportation, the parks, the entertainment, and much more make Dubai an ideal location for businesses to thrive. The UAE dirham was fixed against the US dollar in 1973 and has been stable since 1997. The free economic policy, low government control, and private-sector regulation facilitate Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).


Low Cost Business Setup  in DubaiStep 1 – Select your business activity – If you don’t know anything just WhatsApp or call us to give you a free consultation for your business activity

Low Cost Business Setup  in DubaiStep 2 – Choosing your Business Name – Royal Excellence Dubai help also help you to choose your Business or Brand name

Low Cost Business Setup  in DubaiStep 3 – Applying for your Trade License – Royal Excellence Dubai helps you with for Trade License, just  call us or WhatsApp to get a free consultation and trade license complete information and pricing details for each license

Low Cost Business Setup  in DubaiStep 4 – Applying for your Visa – Royal Excellence Dubai will help you if you don’t have a visa, they will give you a free consultation and also provide you visa in a competitive price

To live in the country, you will require a resident visa. The visa application procedure is as follows:

  • Getting an entry permit
  • Changing your status
  • Taking a medical exam
  • Getting your Emirates ID and visa stamp

You may submit visa applications for your employees and family members simultaneously with your visa application.

Required Documents To Establish a Business in Dubai

Following are some of the required documents to submit your application for setting up a low-cost business setup in Dubai

  1. A filled application form
  2. A detailed explanation of the planned business operation
  3. Incorporation Documents (if required)
  4. Copy of the passports of each share holders

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Business in Dubai?

A low-cost business license in Dubai costs AED 12,500. This includes an LLC trade license, three business activities, and a lease agreement. However, this package does not offer any visa allocations.

If you require one visa allocation, you can opt for the next package, which costs AED 14,350. If you need more than one visa, a payment of AED 18,050 gives you up to three visas. All these packages include the same benefits.

Why Choose Royal Excellence Dubai?

Royal Excellence Dubai’s mission is to help establish companies and transform them into successful businesses. We offer several advantages to business owners, including No personal or corporate tax,  Complete foreign ownership,  Full repatriation of profits and financial assets

Additional services, such as our e-commerce support service, WAM Digitals, and Easy Payment Plans, enable you to stretch out the setup cost over months and help your business develop and thrive.


Get in touch, and one of our consultants will support you with all aspects of your business setup in Dubai.

Low Cost Business Setup in Dubai

Low Cost Business Setup in Dubai

Low Cost Business Setup in Dubai

Low Cost Business Setup in Dubai


A: Dubai offers economic advantages, a strategic location, and tax incentives, making it an appealing destination for entrepreneurs.
A: Understanding local customs, business etiquette, and engaging in multilingual communication can help overcome cultural differences.
A: Yes, several businesses in Dubai started with minimal investments and achieved significant success
For low-cost business setup in Dubai just call or WhatsApp +971524071817 Royal Excellence Dubai to give you free consultation.

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